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Why give?

Some people believe the church is rich – with bank accounts full of money to fund the work of the ministry. For many churches, including ours, this simply isn’t the case. The only reason we’re able to stay open is because members of our church give regularly and faithfully.


The Bible makes clear we’re to be generous with what God has given us - to give ‘as much as we’re able’. If you are struggling financially, it can be a real step of faith to give as much as £2 a week. If you are comfortably off, giving generously is a way to give thanks to God for all that he has blessed you with, and to share what you have with those around you.


Giving starts with prayer. Sit with your bank account open, and ask God to speak to you about how much he’s asking you to give each month, and where he’s asking you to give it. Giving requires faith – we give to God because we believe he’ll provide for us. But if we never give, we won’t have a chance to see the miraculous way in which God will meet our own needs when we trust him with our money.

How to give

For our regular members, a direct debit is the best way for us to predict our income and plan for the future. Get in touch, and we'll give you the bank details for the church you wish to give to.

If you wish to give by cash or cheque, let us know so that we can tell you how best to do this.

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